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August 08 2017

Enterprise Crowd - Part 1


Summary: These are the adventures of Reader, a Lieutenant Officer assigned the Enterprises IT engineering team. Her biggest flaw? Her temper. 

Wordcount: 1650

A/N: My hand kinda slipped? I wanted to write something with that IT headcanon I had since I first wrote it down and here we go. There’s some hardcore and blatant reader inserting of me in there. I’m sorry. I hope you find some amusement in it anyways. If there’s any techno babble you don’T understand just skip it.

Warnings: Theres like a ton of curse words, several f-bombs and a very short temper

There was a corner of the Enterprise that only belonged to you and your coworkers - you were 10 in total, just enough to cover shifts and the occasional illness. You all donned the red shirt and were immensely proud of it - though affiliated to Engineering, you rarely saw your CEO and he rarely saw you. Usually, everything went just swimmingly, or swimmingly enough to just pass by shift after shift. You were the few IT guys left on an advanced ship like this. Just a few weeks ago a whole horde of new Ensigns had boarded ship and those weeks following were usually the busiest.

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August 07 2017

Good Girl - Part 10


Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 2060

A/N: I am sorry for how long it took me to write this part - but as you all know, things are difficult right now. I hope you like it and I’ll continue the story as soon as I have time to continue writing (I do write every spare second I get, which shows how many spare seconds I have right now)

This could be AOS and TOS

Warnings:  Mentions of Sex, angst


Emptiness followed McCoys departure and stretched from seconds to minutes, from minutes to hours. At some point you got food and at another point Chapel made her appearance. It was after Beta, the security guys watching your cell had switched shift about an hour ago. It was like another world behind your cell, a world you had no part of any more. They didn’t even seem to really care, but maybe that was your imagination, feeling more detached from the world outside your own then ever. Not even Chapels bright, kind smile managed to brighten your mood significantly, the words of your boyfriend, your partner still echoing in your ears.
I am so stupid.

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finafuckingly here it is, i am so damn sorry this took so long. ive had 5 ideas for this and ive rewritten it 6 times. this idea mostly came from @dirajunara who was a total sweetheart and has written the first 20? something lines for me to start. now that being said i hope this will make a long day a little better for you dearie

wordcount:1518 words

@pelycosauria ​ asked: Okay, Don’t know if I send you a Scotty prompt yet or not, so here it is:“I could kill you any second, you know that?”

“It was supposed to be a simple away mission!” Jim defended himself, “I needed her to collect samples, that’s not dangerous!”
“Everything is dangerous when you do it,” Bones answered as they stepped through yet another door, coming face to face with Scotty.
“Why is she like tha’?” He asked, no, demanded to know, “It was supposed ta be a simple away mission! What did ye do ta her?”
He pointed at Jim and then pointed at the brig, at you behind the thick glass wall, trying to claw your way through.
“scotty, I know what youre thinking right now” Jim tried to get his attention away from you “Y/N is gonna be alright ok? Bones and spock will do everything they can to help her”
he put his hands on scotty’s shoulder and urged him to look at Jim. With a sigh scotty resigned and looked up to his captain “all we need you to do, is to keep performing as good as always. I promise you Y/N will be alright” scotty took one look back to you and then replied “aye cap’n, I’ll try”
4 hours earlier
a simple away mission, that’s all it was supposed to be. The captain wanted you, a science officer that excelled in collecting samples, along with a few botanists and security officers to beam down to a planet newly discovered by the federation.
That’s where it all went wrong. When you were down on the planet, some flower’s spores entered your body and thus your bloodway, causing you to go berserk. But you were not the only one affected, every single member of the away team had inhaled the spores.
When another security team beamed down to the service in hazmat suits, ready to take the berserks back to the ship with force if necessary. All they found was you, standing in a pool of blood surrounded by the dead bodies of your away team. Ready to kill whoever tried to stop you.
Present time
Scotty had gone back down to engineering, trying to get his mind off of you. “I should’ve stopped her, it hadn’t felt right when she announced that she was on the away team.” And now he had lost you, had lost the most important person to him. The wrench he was holding fell out of his hands down the Jefferies tube, this wasn’t working, he needed to help to get you back again.
Full of determination he walked out of engineering to the turbo lift. Everyone knew what was going on and all of the working crew stopped to see him walk by, his head hung low in defeat and fists clenched at his side of anger. Anger because he might’ve lost you forever.
The doors to the lab opened and scotty stepped in “Mr. Scott,” Spock began, scotty looked to him “might I inquire as to what you are doing up here” “well, i-I” scotty began to stutter.
At that same time bones came walking in with a box in his hands. “Scotty, I’m glad you’re here” “ye are?” scotty looked at him with a baffled face. “yes” Bones replied, he put the box down and turned to face him “you see, we might’ve found an antidote for Y/N”
scotty didn’t even dare to hope this might work. Just the tone in bones’ voice didn’t even have the tiniest spark of happiness in it “however, we will need to get into her holding cell and bring it into her system” at that Spock turned his head to the good doctor “doctor, we cannot ask this of mr. Scott. It simply is to dangerous for him to go in”
“but he’s our best shot spock, don’t you see? Y/N might not hurt him. Something changes in her eyes everytime we mention him or when she saw him, didn’t you notice?” Bones voice changed “she remembers him, its our only chance to save her”
Spock was trying to formulate a response to him when scotty piped up “hold ye horses lads, don’ I ge’ a say in this?” both men stared at him “don’t ya see? This is what I signed up for when I became ‘er boyfriend” he started to get worked up “an’ I will do this, wether you like it or no’.” his voice became softer “because she is more than me girlfriend doctor. She’s also me friend, and I’d do anythin’ for me friends”  
both men stared silently at scotty for a few moments before bones finally replied “alright then, you’re going in” Scotty took a deep breath and said “aye well, let’s go then”

“LET ME OUT YOU BLOODY IDIOT” was the first thing the trio heard when they stepped through the door into the brig. You were still screaming and trying to claw your way through the glass.
Hissing you said “I swear, if you don’t let me out now I WILL KILL YOU” kicking the glass to give your words some more emphasation.
“that is higly illogical miss Y/N, since you are still behind that glass you cannot kill him” spock said drawing your attention to the three of him
“Spock..” bones sighed and rubbed his hand over his faced.
Scotty however, was still staring at you. the woman that meant the most to him in the world was captured behind glass, all because of some stupid flower.
“please don’t hurt our monty”  that had been your last thought before you had gone berserk,  and here he was standing before you monty.
You put your hands flat on the glass and snarled “well well well, if that isn’t our favorite monty my good side can’t stop talking about. To what do I owe this pleasure?”
you watched him carefully as he came trough the door into your holding cell and moved carefully towards you. at first he was afraid you might attack him, or draw yourself backwards into a corner.
But you remained still as he moved towards you, he came face to face with you and he moved his hands to gently push your head to the side so he could give you the hypo with the antidote.
In one single move, so fast he couldn’t pull away, your hands came up around his neck. Squeezing ever so slightly.
I could kill you any second, you know that?” you hissed between your teeth.
“then why don’t ya?” Scotty managed to choke out. He looked at you with horror in his eyes, afraid of what your bloodlust might do to him. Like it had done to your away team.
“I promised that bitch one thing,” you snarled “that I wouldn’t hurt our ‘monty’” you mockingly said.
You let him go and silently resigned to him admistering the hypo, releasing the antidote into your bloodstream. He stepped away from you and watched you, checking if anything happened to you.
As mere ten seconds after he gave you the hypo, you collapsed. Bones and Spock came rushing in and after that, everything was a blur for scotty.
3 days later
You had been released from medical after countless tests making sure every single trace of the spores was out of your body.
You remembered everything, from the moment you changed into IT, to the moment you woke up into medbay.
Shivering you turned on the shower, it might not be real and you’d never wash the blood of your crewmates off of your hands, but it helped somehow. To collect your thoughts. you had been lucky that the captain didn’t want to press charges, but nobody looked at you the same way.
Even Monty had changed, it felt as if he treated you like you were made of glass and you hated it. You had been influenced by a fucking flower for crying out loud, you were still alive. Although with the blood on your hands you sometimes wished you weren’t
Faintly you heard the door to the bathroom swish open and clothing that fell on the floor. scotty sighed, he came up behind you in the shower and put his arms around your waist.
“I thought I lost ya, don’ ya eve’ do anythin’ like this again.” You turned around in his arms “please” he pleaded. you finally gathered the courage to look up into his eyes, they looked at you full of adoration, love and a hint of sadness.
You almost died today, not to mention the people that had died all at your hands. “i-i-I killed them monty.” You said and laid your head on his chest letting the tears take over “I killed my own damn crewmates”
His hands came up to cradle your head and he forced you to look up at him “it wasnae yar fault lass, ye couldnae do anythin’ aboot it” he whispered “please le’ me help ye wi’ this”
And in that moment, you knew that with monty at your side, you could overcome this.


@mustanglegends @webhoard @dirajunara @impalaanddemons @thinkwritexpress-official @originalpottervengerlock @kaitymccoy123 @thelethalcloud @thegeekofmanyfandoms @grumpykate @shewolf2013 @vintagevalentinexx @newhappiness430 @imanerdnota @smolsimonpegg @unicat-w @gracieinanovel

Distracted 1/3


Pairings: Scotty x F Reader

Prompt: My art imitates my life, see A/N…

Summary: You and Scotty are working while distracted, landing you both in the medbay. You and he keep each other company.

Word count: 2367

Warnings: some angst (I’m not a happy camper right now…); short description of a muscle tear (might be a squick for some)

A/N: I got a grade 2 tear in my right lat. gastrocnemius (one of the calf muscles), and I’m hella upset about it because I’m running the San Antonio Marathon on Dec. 3, and this is going throw a massive wrench in my training. So, this fic is me, channeling a lot of the mental stress that sports injuries cause into something more productive than self-pity and uncontrollable sobbing…and believe me; I know sports injuries because I am an actual human disaster (see previous post).

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Shut up, google, that’s a real word.

Nevermind, I just spelled it wrong.


7171 0364 420


Story Summary: On your way to Chicago to search out new opportunities. Your car breaks down outside of a small town nestled near the mountains. Trapped for more than a week, you almost seamlessly fall into place. Which makes it even harder when you have to leave.

Pairing: Scotty/Reader (But it’s a slow burn so hold your horses), also some slight McKirk in the background because why not?

Warning: none in this one

A/N: I bring in more of the crew. Kirk is like a busybody, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also THANK YOU! I have been getting overwhelming support for this story and I’m so excited to share this with you!!


Word Count: 1071

Part 1

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underappreciated form of humor: using incorrect long forms of proper names i.e. Craigory, Bobert, Barold, etc.

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Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story

…where’s the lie?


If this gets a million notes I will legally change my name to Jamemes







So I was taught a lesson in how to get rid of a migraine in 30 seconds and omfg listen my migraines don’t go away ever but I was shown what part of my body to touch and like???????????????

It’s witchcraft????????? Like I would be burned at the stake if I lived in ye olde days knowing that information?????

What the fuck??????

Spill it! Lol….Hooooowwwww?? Had migraines since age 9….😓😓😓

Its called the T4 push, but I literally can’t find the info online????? I guess I’m not searching good enough? These medical fuckers are holdin out on us lol.

It’s best to have someone do this for you while you stand up and relax your muscles as best you can, but if you’re alone, a tennis ball and a flat surface will probably work. Alternatively you can lie on the edge of a bed at the pressure point. (But no really do try to find someone to do it for you)

Find the area in your spine between either the first, second, third, or fourth vertebrae. It should be sore and uncomfortable to press down on, so look for the one that’s most painful, and press down with as much pressure as you can on that area for 30 seconds.

Realize that 80% of your pain has magically disappeared and keep the info secret if you live in a small puritan town, lest you be tried for witchcraft.

If you don’t have to worry about being burned or hanged, then share the info with your migraine suffering friends.

As someone who wrote a 10k word paper on pressure points for a high belt ranking test in her martial arts class, I can tell you that you just found a pressure point used in acupressure and acupuncture to relieve pain, particularly that in the head. :)

Hand to god we discovered this by accident when my husband was rubbing my neck and I nearly collapsed it felt so good

This post was sent by literal angels??? I’ve had a persistent low-level headache for nearly 24hrs and now it’s gone??? In 30 seconds? What gods did you sacrifice to for this information!?!?

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It has to be me…
I wish we had more time.

August 06 2017

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August 05 2017

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Cat fight

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markiplier makes: fan fiction.


wow i need a drink [pours apple juice into shot glass]

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