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November 18 2017

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Reblog in 40 seconds and you will be put on the path to achieve your dreams and find your fortune


Can’t hurt.


I’ve been rolling in the dough lately so it seems like these things are working 🙏🏻

No they literally work

fuck it


When a female sheep turns around and goes the other way it makes a ewe turn.


A student in bed will remain in bed unless acted upon by a large enough panic

November 17 2017

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A good man <3  [source:  x | x | x | x |  x |  x |  x ] 

Oh god.. i.. i really love this man! He’s a great role model. 😍

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The moment my dog (and husband) realized I was in the car beside him

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Colored pencil drawing
Cephalopods are amazing, and their colors are super fun to try to replicate!

November 14 2017

Part 34


Chekov, drugged in the medbay: How do snails breathe

Bones: Don’t say it-

Chekov: Through their snoses

November 10 2017


“apart” and “a part” are somehow antonyms


Ice cold water really should really be written as ice cooled water, if it was actually ice cold, it would just be ice.

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what did we do to deserve Hugh Jackman?

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When you look at your little sister’s Instagram and realise you are the same person…both sat in our separate homes, writing books, wearing Harry Potter hoodies. @carriehopefletcher 🤓📚🤘🏻 — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2zxKWBg









I wish people would stop equating that person who willingly mailed their amputated toe to a friend to use in jewelry to that ghoul who literally stole the bones of poor people from a cemetery. They’re not nearly on the same level, one is just weird and the other is evil.

wait that wasnt the same person

nah the toe people weren’t witches just heavily into psychedelics and it was an expression of love iirc

so about 10x worse in their own way

live and let live i say it’s their toesies they can do what they want

the toe was amputated years ago for medical reasons and had been kept in formaldehyde since, it’s not particularly ghoulish or horrifying once you get past the initial shock

still kinda ghoulish to keep a toe

if i had my toe amputated and the doctors asked me if i wanted to keep it i’d definitely say yes on impulse, and once you have a toe you’re stuck with it because what are you going to do? just chuck your own toe in the garbage pail next to a used coffee filter and some onion skins? mailing it to a friend honestly sounds like the sensible option to me i empathize with these people

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this worksheet belongs to vulvacrat!

Shit No One Told Me About My Period











I knew the basics before I got it, but I had no clue…

* The blood wouldn’t necessarily be red. When I first got my period, I spent a few min looking at my underwear wondering how I shit myself. I didn’t know the blood could look brown, or be thick.

* That tampons weren’t a good idea yet. I was 10 or 11 when I got my first period and physically smaller than an adult woman. My first attempt at inserting a tampon was very painful and unsuccessful. I wouldn’t use them until I was around 14 or so.

* That when you use pads the blood can get on your bottom and I’d have to occasionally clean off the toilet seat after using it.

* That getting your first period DOES NOT mean you’re fully developed and fully able to bear children. I could have technically gotten pregnant at that age, but I was still a child and pregnancy would have put my life in danger because I was still physically immature.

* That it wouldn’t be regular for another few years.

* That very painful cramping is NOT NORMAL once you reach your 20s and is cause for concern.

* That the blood and tissue you pass can look chunky or stringy and not like blood from a cut.

* That stress can halt your period for months BUT

* That doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant

Feel free to add your own


-passing blood clots is completely normal

-that your period may straight up skip a month when you first get it

-and then it’ll happen twice in the same month

-getting your period does NOT automatically make you a woman

Painful cramping isn’t normal in your 20’s? That’s a little concerning, mine have been getting exponentially worse

It is NOT normal. 

I can 100% guarantee you have endometriosis, PCOS, or another hormone problem. If your doctor says it’s normal, DEMAND a second opinion. 

Thinking that it’s normal is how people end up infertile or dead. It’s why so many women under 40 these days are having an almost impossible time either conceiving or preventing conception. Because no one teaches anyone that it’s the sign of trouble that can very seriously hurt you. 

Anyone who has severe cramps, heavy bleeding, or irregular periods after about 19 years old should seek medical advice. None of those are normal. 

If you have skin tags, a hard time losing weight, migraines related to your period, depression that is amplified when menstruating, severe mood swings, sleep disturbances that get worse with menstruation, or any other significant health problem that started with puberty and is worse when hormones are fluctuating you need to be checked. 

None of the things that people relate to women on their periods is actually an example of a healthy woman. It’s an example of people who need one form of treatment or another. 

Some more period things no one told me:

-Acetaminophen is useless for relieving period cramps because it’s not an anti-inflammatory. Naproxen or ibuprofen are better.

-Because your period will probably be irregular when you first start it, at some point (or several points) you will likely get it unexpectedly and totally flood your pants. Until your period becomes regular, you should consider keeping an extra set of underwear and pants with you in your school locker, car, or your bag so you can change if you need to.

-Blood stains are easier to get out of your underwear or pants if you get to them while they’re still wet. If you let the blood dry and set in, it’s much more difficult.

-“boy shorts” or any boxer-ish kind of underwear that fit well to your body hold up pads and make them feel less awkward to wear better than any other kind of underwear does.

-You’re not a bad person or “childish” or anything else negative if you prefer wearing pads to tampons or tampons to menstrual cups. You should try all of the different options out to figure out what you like but your preference is your preference and other people don’t get to judge you for it.

Pads can cause irritation similar to diaper rash, especially if its ur first time and ur not used to it. Baby powder helped me when I first got my period at age 11.

Baby/ Talc powder has been linked to ovarian cancer, so avoid using it

- if your clots are the size of a quarter or bigger CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR

-Hydrogen Peroxide is super helpful in getting blood stains out of clothes and pretty much anything else. Keep some in the bathroom in case you wake up to stained underwear.

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whenever i see tripp pants i remember when i was in my senior year of high school. there was this sophmore girl who would sit the table me and some of my friends sat at during lunch period. she dated a guy who graduated before us but we knew him because he wore these pants almost every day.

one day she came to the table very upset, and when we asked her what was wrong, she said she broke up with her boyfriend because he lied all the time. he had been telling lies throughout their entire relationship. you wanna know what the lies were? he lied to her saying he was adopted, and he was a half-vampire demigod. she was crying

she was crying because her boyfriend lied to her about being an adopted half-vampire demigod

she believed

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Another of the worst feelings ever is walking in front of someone and getting self-conscious about the way you walk.

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just my personal opinion……

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