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May 19 2018

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Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Beyond (2016)


thor, laying down in a pit of snakes: man i HOPE one of these doesn’t STAB ME




thor: :(

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leonard mccoy moments that made me fall in love with him

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Can you believe it?? I actually got to meet Ryan Reynolds!! After talking about him so much and being a huge fan of his for years this was incredibly surreal. 

This was for a Deadpool 2 press junket they were doing and I will have a video of us together going up today. Some of you little detectives guessed it immediately which is very impressive but I wasn’t allowed talk about it haha.

I was incredibly nervous for this, way more than I have been for anything else I’ve done. To be able to interview someone you look up to SO much is daunting but also there were a lot of rules and restrictions on what we could do and what I was allowed to ask/say so I don’t think I fully got to be myself when talking to him but man this was a cool experience. This is something I never thought possible by doing youtube and I will remember it for the rest of my life! :D

May 01 2018

April 16 2018


Bones: Hi, my name is Leonard. I’ll be drawing your blood today as soon as I finish this Capri Sun.

Bones: *misses hole 4 times then punches straw through the pouch*


Bones: Are people becoming more annoying or am I becoming more angry.


Chekov: Mr. Scott, is “idiot” a swear word?

Scotty: No, but it’s not a nice word to call someone.

Chekov, turning to the rest of the people in the engineering room: I was RIGHT, FUCKERS!


Kirk: But we can’t give up, right?

Kirk: I mean, we’ve all been in worse situations and gotten out of those, right?

Bones: Er. Have we really?

Kirk: Well…

Kirk: Hm.

Kirk: No, I guess we haven’t.


Chekov: *groaning in pain on a medical table*

Bones: Jesus what happened to you kid?

Chekov: I ate a 5 pound bag of orange flavored gummy bears.

April 15 2018


make sure u put ur hand behind her head when u slam her against a wall so she doesn’t get hurt











how did jk manage to write ootp and not come to the conclusion that the only career w any true meaning for harry james potter was as a goddamn professor at hogwarts like how do u write the da scenes and say “nah he’d want to be a wizard cop”

#just let him dress in warm sweaters and have tea with neville in the staff room and help first years #harry james potter as hogwarts longest serving defense against the dark arts teacher fucking fight me (@batcii)

#but it would be so perfect??? #bc it would help normalize his life so much #like there would just be this generation of kids who are like #‘ugh who cares that he killed the dark lord he gAVE US HOMEWORK OVER BREAK’ #like the beginning of every year there would be the new first years who would freak out a little #but then it would calm down #and most of the students would literally forget #until like clockwork the fifth years would have their history of magic class on the second war #and they’d all show up to DADA looking a little awestruck and everyone would be extra quiet #and harry would give this kind of annoyed sigh—except it’s fake bc he TOTALLY knew this was coming #bc binns is a bro and he totally gives him a heads up every year #and harry wouldn’t have any lesson plans for the day and instead he would just sit at the front of the room and answer everyone’s questions #but otherwise everyone would just be like ‘professor potter!! i can’t get my patronus to work! help me!’ #and like they’d go home at the end of the year or for break and their parents—who ARE still starstruck by harry james potter #would pester their kids with questions#and the kids would just be like ‘merlin i don’t know?? potter’s such a huge dork you should hear him talk about proper wand movements’ #but they would all love him #and he would feel safe and normal and utterly accepted #AND I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE (via @cinematicnomad)

Not to mention it would be an ultimate Fuck You to Voldemort, who put a curse on the teaching position in the first place.

Like, Jo, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but COME ON

I already queued this but also, you do this, but still have Ginny become a famous Quidditch player. Imagine the first time Harry gets called “Ginny’s husband” before “the boy who lived” or “the chosen one.” Imagine how fucking pleased he’d be.

Imagine the first time a student comes up to him looking starry-eyed and Harry’s thinking “Oh no” because he doesn’t want to talk about Voldemort or the war but instead this little eleven year old is like “ARE YOU REALLY MARRIED TO WEASLEY FROM THE HOLLYHEAD HARPIES???!?? WHAT’S SHE LIKE?” and he’s like “oh thank god” because he could talk about Ginny all day. 

Yes. Good.

Actually, all three of them should have become professors. Hermione would have become Headmistress, of course–youngest Headmistress of Hogwarts ever, and the only one willing to turn the portraits of her predecessors to the wall if they gave her too much lip about her efforts to modernize the curriculum. (She probably started as Transfiguration professor after McGonagall became Headmistress, but it wouldn’t surprise me if McGonagall was grooming her for the Headmistress job all along.)

And Ron took over as flying instructor for Professor Hooch; everyone thinks he’s an easy A because he’s so mellow and silly and hands out candy for good performances and his brother and sister sometimes visit the class to show off some of their old Quidditch moves and give away Wizard Wheezes to the best fliers, and it’s not until they talk to someone else from a different school or era that they realize that flying is actually really difficult to learn and Ron just found ways to slip all the teaching in under the fun so that they didn’t even notice. Things that seemed like silly tricks or goofy jokes turned out to be mnemonics for complex maneuvers, and of course nobody ever wanted to skip a class under his tutelage.


Okay all other canon epilogues can go home, this is the best.

Yoooooooo gimmie


A comedy about the origins of the Olympians set around the Titan era of Greek Mythology, starring Chronos and Rhea

The name?

“Honey I Ate the Kids”


when you drive your chevy to the levee but the levee is dry and you see the good old boys drinking whiskey and rye


April 06 2018

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