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June 12 2017

June 05 2017

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Cute babies ❤❤

June 04 2017

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My first entry into @incorrect-star-trek‘s art competition :-)

(I know Bones isn’t in the quote but I messed up)

Based on this one

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Mahko Root #2 interior art

Nan Lewis 1978

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character posters: leonard ‘bones’ mccoy for @spacekirk

“In this galaxy there’s a mathamatical probability of three million Earth type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that…and perhaps more…only one of each of us.”

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Bones: Jim, are you even listening to what I’m saying?

Jim: Wha-? Yeah, yeah, something about how awesome I am, am I right, or am I right?

Bones: No you overgrown child! You’re overdue for your physical! Stop staring at Spock’s ass and get to the medbay in five minutes or I’m coming up there and hypoing the shit out of you. 

Jim: How did you know?

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Breakfast with Bones Mccoy

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I can put you in a hospital???


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can’t you feel it? the world is ending, my love, and so are we.

(credit: allgoodurlsarealreadytaken.tumblr.com)

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why are my faves always so hard to draw!!!!!

(i take commissions)

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McCoy [Away Mission]

My style changes way too much, but here’s a simple little ref I’ll try to stick to (or maybe improve upon).

I started the sketch last week, but I couldn’t finish it until now because the Mononucleosis is still killing me. x.x

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I try

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A short list of things Star Trek doctors most certainly are not. 

Geology is the Schist


Had an idea for a little drabble as I wait for my Earth Science lab to start. Enjoy :)

@outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr


You and Leonard are lab partners in your Xenogeology class. You love the subject but he is indifferent and generally pretty bored with the dry (in his opinion) material.

“Rocks,” he often mutters. “Who the hell cares about rocks?”

Today, the two of you are sifting through sample of unidentified minerals from an earth-like planet in a nearby star system. Most of the rocks are the same as earth ones, and you’re encouraging Leonard to pick out ones he knows without your help, so he can get more practice.

“This one is calcite,” he says grumpily after a few minutes of sifting through and not finding anything he immediately recognizes. He holds up a clear, rectangular mineral for you to inspect,waiting for your verdict.

You take and examine the piece, and discover you can easily scratch it with your thumbnail.

“Nope, too soft,” you reply, handing it back and pointing at the nail mark. “What minerals do we usually see that are so easy to scratch?”

He thinks for a moment, turning it over in his hands.

“Evaporites… Halite, selenite, gypsum,” he recites as he remembers. You nod in agreement, gesturing for him to go on.

“Yup, so how can we tell between those three?” You ask him encouragingly.

He stares down at it, clearly trying to remember. You smile, about to suggest something, when he grins at you and raises the mineral towards his face. You realize what he’s about to do and open your mouth to stop him.

“Oh, Leonard, don’t–”

But he’s already brought it to his lips and given it a quick lick. You watch him,torn between exasperation and amusement, as he considers the taste of the mineral he’s just licked.

“It’s halite,” he declares, wiping the mineral and tossing it back into the bin. “Very salty.” He grins at you as your palm travels to and connects with your face, shaking your head at him.

“You know there’s actual diagnostic properties to use for identification, right?” You ask, trying not to laugh.

“Yup, and “salty taste” is one of them for halite, look,“ he says, pointing at the line in your lab manual. You sigh pointedly and he grins at you again.

“Never a dull moment with you, is there?” You chuckle, shoving him playfully.

“Nope!” He smiles and the rest of the lab passes quickly, with the two of you joking about licking other minerals to see what they are, much to the disapproval of your lab prof, who doesn’t appreciate the encouragement of licking the lab materials.

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Gifs: x | x

„See? I told you I’m a quick learner.“

„You’re driving in circles on an empty parking lot, there isn’t really something you could do wr- WATCH OUT!“ Panicked he grabs your arm with one hand and pushes it away, so that he can grab the steering wheel with the other and turn it around in a fast motion, prompting the car to jump to the left and steer almost into a lamp post.

„Leo!“, you scream, his actions startling and making you press down on the brake way to fast. With one last shudder the car jumps forward at the sudden braking and the engine dies down. Shocked you turn around to face him, both of your faces pale and with eyes wide open. “What. The. Hell. Was. That?”

Instead of saying something, the doctor opts to just point out of the window. You follow his outstretched finger to a spot where leaves are dancing in the wind. Confused you frown and look at his face again, shaking your head questioningly.  “What? Don’t tell me you were scared by the leaves!”

“Well… I’ve just spend five years in space. So forgive me, if I get scared because I saw something move from out of my field of view! That’s normally a damn good sign for a mission gone south, especially if Jim’s part of the away party.”

“We’re on Earth right now Leonard and I don’t see Jim anywhere. So please, trust me enough to know, that leaves won’t attack or hurt us.”

He just grumbles, leaning back into his seat and folds his arms in front of his chest. “Fine, go on. Show me more of your driving skills, maybe we’ll be able to conquer the streets this time next week.”

“Oh, sweetheart, we won’t need to wait a week for that, but… just promise me one more thing: If Joanna ever comes up to you and asks, if you could teach her how to drive, please, say no. Especially if you just came home from an extended trip to space.”



Part 15

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,056

Author’s Note:  I had an ask a few days ago from @jmkfan regarding the nature of her bleeding and injuries. I hope that this covers some of the questions you had! Again, I want to make sure that everyone is fully aware that I am not in the medical field and I am pretty much making shit up as I go along. Please enjoy!

Table of Contents Here

Scotty looked down at your head. You had gauze stuffed up your nose and in your ears. A tube ran into your mouth to make sure you could breath with all the shit blocking your airway.

“Scotty?” McCoy asked, standing at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed, watching his friend watching you.

“I’m listening,” Scotty mumbled. “Can I touch her?”

“Yeah. Just don’t move anything.”

Scotty reached down and trailed the backs of his fingers down your cheek before resting his fingertips on the round of your shoulder.

“It was a Carthisian silkworm,” McCoy started, “They’ve got advanced camouflaging abilities, which is why I couldn’t find the damn thing. I honestly thought it was brain tissue.”

When Scotty didn’t respond, the doctor kept going.

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Full of Surprises


Request: For @imaginenterprise I just read those Kennex fics and OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD !!! So could I ask for a Kennex/Reader with lots if fluff (prompt of your choice)?

Fandom: Almost Human

Pairing: John Kennex/Reader

Characters: Reader, John Kennex, Dorian, Rudy Lom

Word Count: 2473

Warning: None

Author’s Note: I hope this was fluffy enough. I tried to give it a general ‘feel good’ vibe throughout, and I hope you like it! As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Fandom: Almost Human

Pairing: John Kennex/Reader

Characters: John Kennex, Reader,

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: Nightmares, Mild swearing, Mention of blood and injuries

Summary: John has a nightmare, and as always, you’re there to help him through the aftermath.

A/N: This is for @medicatemedrmccoy in return for my Valentine’s Day fic yesterday <3

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